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Ships of the US Navy stationed in Cork, Ireland, 1917 to 1919.


USS Oklahoma (BB-37)
Nevada Class,(oil fired)

USS Nevada (BB-36)
Nevada Class,(oil fired)

USS Utah (BB-31)
Florida Class, (coal fired).


USS Allen (DD-66) Sampson Class

USS Aylwin (DD-47) Cassin Class

USS Ammen (DD-35) Monaghan Class

USS Balch (DD-50) Cassin Class

USS Beale (DD-40) Monaghan Class

USS Benham (DD-49) Cassin Class

USS Burrows (DD-29) Paulding Class

USS Caldwell (DD-69) Caldwell Class

USS Cassin (DD-43) Cassin Class

USS Conyngham (DD-58) Tucker Class

USS Cummings (DD-44)Cassin Class

USS Cushing (DD-55) O'Brien Class

USS Davis (DD-65) Sampson Class

USS Downes (DD-45) Cassin Class

USS Drayton (DD-23) Paulding Class

USS Duncan (DD-46) Cassin Class

USS Ericsson (DD-56) O'Brien Class

USS Fanning (DD-37) Monaghan Class

USS Jacob Jones (DD-61) Tucker Class

USS Jarvis (DD-38) Monaghan Class

USS Jenkins (DD-42) Monaghan Class

USS Kimberley (DD-80) Wickes Class

USS McCall (DD-28) Paulding Class

USS Mc Dougal (DD-54) O'Brien Class

USS Manley (DD-74) Caldwell Class

USS Nicholson (DD-52) O'Brien Class

USS O'Brien (DD-51) O'Brien Class

USS Parker (DD-48) Cassin Class

USS Patterson (DD-36) Roe Class

USS Paulding (DD-22) Paulding Class

USS Perkins (DD-26) Paulding Class

USS Porter (DD-59) Tucker Class

USS Rowan (DD-64) Sampson Class

USS Sampson (DD-63) Sampson Class

USS Shaw (DD-68) Sampson Class

USS Sterett (DD-27) Paulding Class

USS Stevens (DD-86) Wickes Class

USS Stockton (DD-73) Caldwell Class

USS Terry (DD-25) Paulding Class

USS Trippe (DD-33) Paulding Class

USS Tucker (DD-57) Tucker Class

USS Wadsworth (DD-60) Tucker Class

USS Wainwright (DD-62) Tucker Class

USS Walke (DD-34) Monaghan Class

USS Warrington (DD-30) Paulding Class

USS Wilkes (DD-67) Sampson Class

USS Winslow (DD-53) O'Brien Class


L-1 aka AL-1 (SS-40)

L-2 aka AL-2 (SS-41)

L-3 aka AL-3 (SS-42)

L-4 aka AL-4 (SS-43)

L-9 aka AL-9 (SS-49)

L-10 aka AL-10 (SS-50)

L-11 aka AL-11 (SS-51)



USSC 44  

USSC 45  

USSC 46  

USSC 47  

USSC 48  

USSC 91  

USSC 110  

USSC 164  

USSC 178  

USSC 181  

USSC 182  

USSC 206  

USSC 207  

USSC 208

USSC 220

USSC 221

USSC 222

USSC 254

USSC 271

USSC 272

USSC 323

USSC 325

USSC 329

USSC 342

USSC 343

USSC 344

USSC 345

USSC 346

USSC 356


USS Melville (AD-2) Flagship

USS Dixie (AD-1)

USS Vestal (AR-4)

USS Bushnell (AS-1)


Genesee (AT-55)

Ontario (AT-13)

Sonoma (AT-12)


USS Santee

Former Arvonian , only US 'Q-Ship' of WW1


USS Corsair (SP 159)


There have been a number of publications detailing the history of Queenstown (Cobh) during World War One. The standard reference works are those those listed below

Danger Zone. The story of the Queenstown Command.
By E.Keeble Chatterton
Little, Brown and Co, Boston 1934
(copy available in Cork City Library – local history section top floor)

The Victory at Sea. By Rear-Admiral William Sowden Sims, Doubleday, Page and Company, New York, 1921.

Available to download here

Simsadus London, The American Navy in Europe.
By John Langdon Leighton.
Henry Holt & Co, New York, 1921.
Available to download here

Annual Report of the Secretary of the Navy
For the Fiscal Year, 1918
Available to download here

Officers and Enlisted Men of the US Navy who died during WW1
Available to download here

Bayley’s Navy,
by Vice Admiral Walter.S.Delany (Rtd)
Available to download here

American Participation in the Great War,
by Captain Dudley W.Knox.
Available to download here

Naval Aviation in WW1,
by Adrian O. Van Wyen.
Available to download here

For Operational Records Various files from the Public Records Office,of the United Kingdom, Kew are invaluable, especially records of ADM137, which were files bound for the official history of WW1 Naval Operations. None of these records are digitised yet, and can only be accessed by visiting the British Public Records Office, Kew, near London.

For photographs of the Queenstown Command, the following websites have many photographs available to download free of charge. Most of the aforementioned publications also have photographic illustrations.

US Naval History and Heritage Command website

United States National Archives Website

The British Imperial War Museum
This site contains many photographs of US and British Naval operations in Ireland. Importantly, it also has a number of copies of unique newsreel footage. These can be played on the site.

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