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Ships of the US Navy stationed in Cork, Ireland, 1917 to 1919.


USS Oklahoma (BB-37)
Nevada Class,(oil fired)

USS Nevada (BB-36)
Nevada Class,(oil fired)

USS Utah (BB-31)
Florida Class, (coal fired).


USS Allen (DD-66) Sampson Class

USS Aylwin (DD-47) Cassin Class

USS Ammen (DD-35) Monaghan Class

USS Balch (DD-50) Cassin Class

USS Beale (DD-40) Monaghan Class

USS Benham (DD-49) Cassin Class

USS Burrows (DD-29) Paulding Class

USS Caldwell (DD-69) Caldwell Class

USS Cassin (DD-43) Cassin Class

USS Conyngham (DD-58) Tucker Class

USS Cummings (DD-44)Cassin Class

USS Cushing (DD-55) O'Brien Class

USS Davis (DD-65) Sampson Class

USS Downes (DD-45) Cassin Class

USS Drayton (DD-23) Paulding Class

USS Duncan (DD-46) Cassin Class

USS Ericsson (DD-56) O'Brien Class

USS Fanning (DD-37) Monaghan Class

USS Jacob Jones (DD-61) Tucker Class

USS Jarvis (DD-38) Monaghan Class

USS Jenkins (DD-42) Monaghan Class

USS Kimberley (DD-80) Wickes Class

USS McCall (DD-28) Paulding Class

USS Mc Dougal (DD-54) O'Brien Class

USS Manley (DD-74) Caldwell Class

USS Nicholson (DD-52) O'Brien Class

USS O'Brien (DD-51) O'Brien Class

USS Parker (DD-48) Cassin Class

USS Patterson (DD-36) Roe Class

USS Paulding (DD-22) Paulding Class

USS Perkins (DD-26) Paulding Class

USS Porter (DD-59) Tucker Class

USS Rowan (DD-64) Sampson Class

USS Sampson (DD-63) Sampson Class

USS Shaw (DD-68) Sampson Class

USS Sterett (DD-27) Paulding Class

USS Stevens (DD-86) Wickes Class

USS Stockton (DD-73) Caldwell Class

USS Terry (DD-25) Paulding Class

USS Trippe (DD-33) Paulding Class

USS Tucker (DD-57) Tucker Class

USS Wadsworth (DD-60) Tucker Class

USS Wainwright (DD-62) Tucker Class

USS Walke (DD-34) Monaghan Class

USS Warrington (DD-30) Paulding Class

USS Wilkes (DD-67) Sampson Class

USS Winslow (DD-53) O'Brien Class


L-1 aka AL-1 (SS-40)

L-2 aka AL-2 (SS-41)

L-3 aka AL-3 (SS-42)

L-4 aka AL-4 (SS-43)

L-9 aka AL-9 (SS-49)

L-10 aka AL-10 (SS-50)

L-11 aka AL-11 (SS-51)



USSC 44  

USSC 45  

USSC 46  

USSC 47  

USSC 48  

USSC 91  

USSC 110  

USSC 164  

USSC 178  

USSC 181  

USSC 182  

USSC 206  

USSC 207  

USSC 208

USSC 220

USSC 221

USSC 222

USSC 254

USSC 271

USSC 272

USSC 323

USSC 325

USSC 329

USSC 342

USSC 343

USSC 344

USSC 345

USSC 346

USSC 356


USS Melville (AD-2) Flagship

USS Dixie (AD-1)

USS Vestal (AR-4)

USS Bushnell (AS-1)


Genesee (AT-55)

Ontario (AT-13)

Sonoma (AT-12)


USS Santee

Former Arvonian , only US 'Q-Ship' of WW1


USS Corsair (SP 159)

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Wrecks over 100 years old and archaeological objects found underwater are protected under the National Monuments (Amendment) Acts 1987 and 1994. Significant wrecks less than 100 years old can be designated by Underwater Heritage Order (UHO) on account of their historical, archaeological or artistic importance as is the case with the wreck of the RMS Lusitania lost off the Old Head of Kinsale in 1915. UHOs can also be used to designate areas of seabed or land covered by water to more clearly define and protect wreck sites and archaeological objects. Under the legislation all diving on known protected wreck sites or with the intention of searching for underwater cultural heritage is subject to licensing requirements.