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Below is a list of valuable secondary sources. Primary sources consulted for this site include: The Irish Times, The Times of London, Lloyds Weekly Register, The Cork Constitution, The Cork Examiner, The Mercantile Chronicle, The Freemans Journal, various files from the PRO (Kew).

There are many other secondary sources available, including books,  journals, historical accounts and the Internet.

Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast

1105 - 1993

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Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast

Volume 2. 932 - 1997

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Shipwrecks of the Irish Coast

Volume 3. 1582 - 2000

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Shipwreck Index of Ireland

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Harbour Lights (Article in)

Colman O'Mahony and Tim Cadogan

Published by Great Island Historical Society

Warships U-Boats and Liners

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Ballycotton Wrecks and Rescue 1800-1855

Fr B Troy

(privately published)

Ballycotton Wrecks and Rescue 1855 - 1900

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(privately published)