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The Sinking of the Lusitania
May 1915

The tragic story of the sinking of the Cunard Line, Lusitania, has been well documented in printed publications such as

The Lusitania, Unravalling the Mysteries, by Patrick O'Sullivan. (2003)

Lusitania, An Epic Tragedy, by Diana Preston.(2002)

Exploring the Lusitania, by Robert D.Ballard. (1995)

A myriad of journals, websites and forums deal also with the Lusitania sinking. Any expansion on these is beyond the scope of this site.
This page features a small collection of contemporary postcards and ephemera, most published just after the event, or immediately postwar.  The First World War was the first time that the power of mass propaganda was used to  it's fullest extent. The postcard was the e-mail of the era, cheap,with great visible impact.  It was a potent tool of propaganda.

A pre-war card of the Lusitaina, published by Raphael Tuck's, of London. One of the premier British publishers of postcards.

One of series of six British postcards, published in the Summer of 1915
'Passing The Irish Coast'

Sighting the Submarine'

The Explosion'

To the Boats'

The Last Plunge'

Rescue Ships Arrive'

Propaganda card showing Lusitania graves, in Portuguese.

German postcard of the U-20, in company with U-19, U-21 and U22.

The same card with English text reading : A memorial to German Savagery,-
The three large graves at Queenstown where the bodies of 178 of the Lusitnania victims rest (inset is the medal which was struck in Germany to celebrate this dastardly crime)  

U-20 lies wrecked in the sands of Denmark

Privately produced card showing part of the military cortege, at the funeral of the Lusitania victims.

Another privately produced card showing Lusitania graves

German wartime propaganda card

French postcard, captioned - In the shadow of Liberty.
America weighs the vast profits against the victims of the Lusitania.

Card produced in France, the child victim sis crying "Maman! Maman!  Pourquoi?"

Card produced in Milan, Italy, reads - "Lusitania - Sadismo-Dio punisca I'Inghilterra...ed io me ne incarica

Postcard by famous British illustrator Donald McGill,  - Von Turnip -Remember.! Women and Children First!!

British 1916 copy of the infamous Goetz medal. Deliberately ignoring the satirical content of the original,( The carriage of civilians and munitions into an advertised war-zone).

A postcard with a vicious diatribe against naturalised Germans in Britain, with Lusitania vignette on right hand side. No publisher on reverse