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United States Navy Destroyers in Ireland
1917 to 1918.

United States Navy destroyers were based in Cork, Ireland, from 1917 to 1918. Their role was to fight the German U-boats, by means of patrols and their use as convoy escorts. They were also invaluable in rescuing the lives of both merchant sailors as well as combatants. By the end of World War One, Brest in France had eclipsed Queenstown (now Cobh), in importance. The fast troop convoys made directly for the Continent, using more southerly routes.

The role of the Queenstown Command was still vital, as for the vast majority of mercantile convoys to England, Ireland was the first landfall after crossing the Atlantic. For a more comprehensive account of the Queenstown Command click here.

For individual accounts of the destroyers of the Queenstown Command click here.